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San Clemente Travel to San Diego Aztecs

The Gators travel to San Diego this weekend play the San Diego Aztecs.

Here’s a link for their fields:

All games are at Dusty Rhodes between Nimitz and Sunset Cliffs Blvd. As you enter Ocean Beach, behind the Dog Park. Parking will be difficult. Please do not park on the grass. Parking is available across the street at Robb Field.

Field 1

10:00 U12’s Aztec’s vs. Gators
11:00 U14’s Aztec’s vs. Gators

Field 2 (no posts)

11:00 U12’s Aztec’s vs. Gators
12:00 U14’s Aztec’s vs. Gators

Field 3

10:00 U6/8’s Aztec’s vs. Gators
11:30 U10’s Aztec’s vs. Gators

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