Our Rugby People

Rugby is more than just  a game. It's an eclectic group of players, coaches, parents and supporters. Don't expect your usual sporting atmosphere here!  We play together and actively promote teamwork both on and off the field.  When you're on a rugby team you have an instant group of friends who will be there to help you - no matter if you are a player, parent or coach.  Rugby requires active participation from everyone to make it the sport it is.

Dec 2005 - We've grown
Dec 2004 - First practice of our first full season
















April 2004. Our first and last game of the 2004 season

Board Members

Karl Terrey - President

Lisa Burke-Bynum - Secretary

Max Hill -  Treasurer

Tammy Irizarry

Pete Good



U8- Age Group Manager -Phil Torticill 


U10 - Age Group Manager - Mike Efthymiou

Asst - Lisa Burke-Bynum


U12 - Age Group Manager

- Mike Lewis

Asst - Max Hill

Asst - Doug Zanella


U14 Boys- Age Group Manager - Matt Tinker 

Asst - Ian Ibbetson

Asst - Gary Goddard


U14 Girls- Age Group Manager - Tammy Irizarry

Asst - Girls - Wendi Yee

Asst - Max Irizarry



Captain of referees - Pete Good

Karl Terrey

Mike Efthymiou

Gary Goddard

Sam Pelham



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